Thursday, December 16, 2010

WWIW 2.0

So...I know it's not Wednesday...and I've only got a few pictures of what I wore to show you but I figured...I commited to this last week and by golly I'm gonna do it!, this past week made me realize a few things.

1.  I really need to buy some accessories!  A lot of my outfits would be just fine with the right shoes/scarf/whathaveyou.

2.  I am 20 weeks pregnant with #4...and I really didn't have anything that fit.  Blahg

3.  Shoes.  Desperately need some stylish shoes.  I've never been a shoe or bag girl...but I think that may be changing! I've been looking for boots for TWO YEARS and finally found some I to see if I can find them IRL and buy them!  lol

4.  I need a full length mirror.  Not just to get better pictures, but so that I can actually see what my outfits look like!

and the REAL reason I'm sharing these with you this week is because an absolutely amazing friend just lent me a bunch of STYLISH maternity clothes.  Seriously, when I tried some on last night my SIL and hubby were making jokes about me looking "weird" because I was were something trendy and cute! had to share last weeks pictures so that you'll (hopefully) be in shock next week.

So without further ado...

shirt: Motherhood
thermal:  Wal-mart for $1 last year
Belly Band: System 63
Jeans:  Motherhood (and they won't stay up and drive me batty!)

Shirt: Motherhood (gift from my stylish SIL)
Belly Band: System 63
Jeans:  Target?  Maybe?  Can't remember

and showing off #4...
Shirt:  thrifted
Thermal: another of those $1 Wal-Mart ones
Jeans: ?? same as before
Shoes:  OLD.  Like...since high school old maybe

and there you have it.  My not so stylish WWIW.  Thanks for looking!  lol

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Virginia said...

You are so cute. :) Love it!

I've been wanting to do WIWW for the longest time. Except I always forget to take pictures. Woops. hehe

Jenbug said...

Belly bands are the BEST!! Love your wiww and pregnant too, how awesome! I need a full length mirror too AND cute accessories :). Target has some really cute shoes on sale right now, I picked up 3 pairs today for $25 bucks total!

Jessica said...

You look great, Gina! I don't have a full length mirror either, and always think I should get around to getting one..