Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We all fall prey to them don't we?  They're ugly things.
It doesn't matter if we're the ones doing it or if someone else is.
It doesn't matter if we come out on the good end of the comparison...or a little bit lower on the list.

In one case we end up belittling others and becoming prideful.
In the other case we end up missing out on the gifts God has blessed US with and envying someone else.

We do it all the time.  We envy how quickly she can work, or how clean her house always is, or how well behaved her kids are, or how good her photography is, or, or, or.  The list goes on and on and the more we compare the less satisfied we are.  Often it doesn't even spur us on to work harder or seek out help in becoming more like the characteristics we envy.  It just makes us bitter.  And gets us down.

I'm reminded of Galatians 6:3-5 which says, "If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.  Each one should test his own actions.  Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else, for each one should carry his own load."  In my bible from highschool and college I have written under these verses, "we should compare ourselves to no one but Christ that we may see how miserably short we fall.  That's helpful if we're getting prideful, but I was also reflecting tonight that if we are looking constantly to Christ we won't get caught up in the whole comparison thing to begin with.  We will simply be seeking after Him fully, trying to glorify HIM in all work, all play, all business, all cleaning, all training, all discipline.

Life really is so much more simple when we forget the world and seek first Him who can satisfy completely.

and because no post is complete without some eye candy....