Monday, June 28, 2010


Just popping in really quickly before I leave for 3 days to let you know there's a cute new hooded dress up in the shop!

And don't forget to stop by the facebook page and guess what movie or book the title is from for your chance at a BFD buck!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The house is quiet, except for the soft click clacking of the keys as I type.  And the sick baby moans coming from the bedroom.  That sound is enough to melt anyone.  

It's after midnight and I've just finished up two customs so they'll be ready to ship out at first light Monday morning.  I thought that I'd pop in here and share a few outfits I've made for my kids (and finish up my hot chocolate) before heading to bed.  

A very simple boy's hoodie...this may be the first hoodie I made for 'Zekiel.  

Zeke and Wheels in their matching shirts...and Kessa dress is made from a shirt I got on a high school mission trip.

Kessa picked out most of the fabric for this one...I think she did a great job!!!

And finally...this is the shirt that started it all!  This is the 90 minutes shirt from Made.  After this, I was hooked on upcycling. 

Well that's it for now.  I'm hoping to get a fun new dress up in the shop later today...but I've also got a lot to do to get ready for a 3 day conference I'm leaving for crazy early tomorrow morning too.  Crossing my fingers I can get it all done!  (and that my sick baby starts feeling better, makes me so sad when she feels cruddy!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BFD Bucks and a New Shirt

It's almost the weekend folks!  Are you ready?  I'm going on a date with the hubby tomorrow night so I'm VERY ready!  :)

Ok, now I'm sure you all want to know how you can earn BFD bucks right?  And what they are too huh?

Ok, BabyFish Designs Bucks are just like cold hard cash here at BFD.  There will be different ways to earn them and then you can cash them in whenever you order something.  The only restriction is that you can't use more than $15 BFD bucks at one time.  (not too harsh on the restrictions I don't think! ;)

The first way (and the most common) to earn BFD bucks is by playing our little name game.  Anytime a new item (customs excluded) is loaded up into the shop the name will be taken from a line in a children's movie or book.  After you've taken a look hop on over to the facebook page, find the post about that particular new item, and guess where the name is from.  The first person to get the answer right wins!  The winner gets $1 BFD buck..however since I'm going to try to add new stuff to the shop every day or two these could add up quickly!  (also you can win two name games in a row.  but you can win one, skip one, win one!)

Ready for your first chance to play?  Check out the new shirt in the shop and then join our facebook page and guess where the name is from!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Giveaway Time!

Hey hey!  So I know that I said we'd have some "about me" and what-not today, but I've had a crazy day...and it's getting late...and I have other stuff to do (like sewing and cutting out stuff! ;)

But I did want to make sure that you saw the giveaway I'm doing on our Facebook Page.  Stop by and "like" us, then suggest us to your friends.  When they "like" us too you both get an entry into the drawing for a free custom outfit!!!

We'll hold the drawing once we have 100 "likes" (we're at 44 right now!) so stop on by and bring your friends!  (oh, and tomorrow I'll be announcing how you can earn BFD bucks to use on all your BFD's purchases!)

and because every post needs a little cuteness...I'll leave you with two of my little hooligans helping themselves to a snack this morning (and both sporting BabyFish Designs clothing too!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Lady Liberty

Hi and welcome to BabyFish Designs!!  Be watching for a post tomorrow with some background and "about me" info (that may or may not be interesting.  ;)

For today I wanted to share a 4th of July design in one of our featured styles.  The Upcycled Hoodie Dress/Shirt came about after I bought a cute dress for my 10 month old at a yard sale.  I liked it...and wanted more, so I made my own pattern similar to the dress I had bought and used it to make Grace a new outfit.  All fine and good...until my three year old walked into the kitchen wearing it.  I started to tell her to take off her sister's dress, but then I closed my mouth and did a double take.  She had it one with pants and it was CUTE.  Darn cute!  And so the Hoodie Dress/Shirt, fitting 6 months, all the way up to 3t, was born.  

This particular, Little Lady Liberty Hoodie Dress/Shirt is currently up for sale in the shop.  It's perfect for the 4th of July, or just as a reminder of how blesses we are to live here in the good ol' USA.  

Be sure to stop by Facebook and "like" us for all the inside information on giveaways, deals, and more!