Friday, July 2, 2010

Teeny Tiny

I went to a baby shower for my niece Kylie (debuting Sept. 2010!) last night and while we had pacis (because Kessa said Kylie NEEDED them) and this book (because it made a HUGE difference in my parenting and God used it to keep me sane after 'Zekiel was born) I felt it needed a handmade something.  

So, I dug through my knits and found these two shirts which I just loved together!!!  This is so teeny tiny!  It should fit when Kylie is born...and a few weeks after maybe, but not for long.  

and just to give you an idea of how little it is...

(for those of you that aren't "local" Taco Tierra is THE eating spot and their drinks and comeback cups are an integral part of living around here.  They're probably about 8 inches tall.)

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Adrienne Pierce said...

that is soooo precious Gina! What a sweet sweet gift!