Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Bubble Dress...Tutorial?

Well this isn't really a tutorial, more like a walk through or something.  And it might be completely lame.  If it is, please tell me so I can never do it again!  lol

Kessa's been asking me for quite a while if I would make her a dress with the above Tink shirt, so yesterday while I was waiting to hear back from a customer about the item I was working on I thought I'd try making her a bubble dress with this.  

So I dug through all my knits and picked out some other fabrics that coordinated well with this shirt.

Then I just start cutting.  I cut out squares and rectangles and lay them all out on top of my pattern to get a general idea of how many pieces I need (except I didn't have a pattern for this style!  lol)

After I've got what looks like will probably be enough cut out I start sewing them together.  

Once I got to this point I decided I wanted it a little longer so I sifted through my stack of scraps and found enough to make another strip at the bottom.  

After I added that I measured my bottom band and started sewing it on...only to discover that I measured incorrectly and it was, in fact, too small.  So then I added a little bit more to it (but didn't measure this time...) and it ended up too big!  lol.  I tried it on Kessa and it really does need I'll post pictures of the final product after it look more normal!  ;)  

And now...I'm off to see what else I can get sewn whilest the littles sleep.  
Happy Thursday!!!  


Trisha Ashley said...

cute, it's good use of a shirt thats too small to use more than just the graphic...

Carol A said...

She better like this dress after all you did to get it made for her!!!