Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

After some heartache here in BabyFish land the past few weeks it was good to celebrate...and celebrate...and celebrate.  Good to have these special times to reflect on the blessings God has so lavished on our family.  Good to give Him the thanks and honor for our two beautiful girls and for our marriage.

We started off the week with Kessa's 4th birthday on Tuesday.

We went to our local splash park with some friends (fenced in, no standing water for drowning worries, and free!  It doesn't get much better!!!) Then they ate lunch with us (hot dogs per the birthday girl's request) and cupcakes.  

On Friday Tim and I took Kessa shopping and out to lunch, she had a great time having us all to herself and it's really fun to have some one on one (one on two?) time sometimes!

Friday was Gracie Goo's 1st birthday!!!  I can't believe I have no children under one.  It seems so strange.

The girls opened their presents from Tim's family on Friday night and then on Saturday we had a big blow out.   The girls both got waldorf dolls (aren't they amazing?!?!  Kessa's is made by Jen at Petite Poire Boutique, we've been working together and having so much fun!  Grace's doll was made by Megan at Rainbow Dolls)

I'll save more fun pictures of cakes and party goodness for tomorrow!  Happy Monday!


Adrienne Pierce said...

Your girls are just the cutest ever but I am sure you know that! Many birthday and anniversary blessings sent your way! I only wish we lived closer, I know our family's would get along great!

Kirsten said...

love it! Sounds like a great week

Carol A said...

And don't forget...on Sunday ANOTHER party at Grandma Arnold's!!!! More presents, a turtle cake (turtle shape, that is!) and an overnighter! Fun times! Many Blessings...thank you Lord!