Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Up

So I thought, let's just jump back in!  I saw on my husband's blog feed that it's been FIFTY-FIVE days since I've blogged.  Umm....oops?  Not gonna lie though, it was nice.  I'm almost out of my first trimester with little one #4 and I think I'm FINALLY starting to get a bit more energy back.  I had NO extra energy...even to blog.

So what HAVE we been doing?

Hiding in cabinets....

Going to pumpkin patches...

and of course, sewing too!  

He might look like he's grimacing but I swear he picked up Fiona and wanted in the picture when I was trying to photograph a new doll dress!  lol

And now I'm off to watch the rest of Parenthood and find a bedtime snack.  Night night!

1 comment:

Carol A said...

Welcome back!!! Love the pics...esp of Grace in the cabinet! Too funny!