Monday, October 25, 2010

The Introduction is Worth It

Now, I don't know about you, but a lot of times, when I pick up a book, I don't read the forward, or the introduction, or anything like that.   I just want to jump into the book.  However, last week I got a new book, and for one reason or another (divine intervention perhaps? ;) I read the introduction.

The book?

  I can't remember where I first saw this, but honestly I may have snickered at the title...and then I read the subtitle, "Establishing and ENJOYING a Peaceful Home."  That caught my attention.  And THEN I saw that Ginger Plowman wrote it.  I LOVE her book Don't Make Me Count to Three (and highly recommend it!) so I used some of the Amazon gift cards I had earned through Swagbucks and bought it.

But, back to the introduction.  As I was reading it these words jumped out at me. "It will be tempting to read this book with the mindset of, 'What steps must I take in order to have a peaceful home? How can I be a happier more fulfilled Christian?' I urge you to read this book with the mindset of, 'Although there is nothing I can do to earn righteousness and acceptance, how can I radiate the peace of Christ so that his character might be glorified in and through me? How can I bless God in the way I treat my family?  How can my mind be transformed that I might become more pleasing to Jesus?"

How I needed to read those words!  You see, when I'm pregnant, I don't really get sick, or even have to many crazy mood swings.  I just get mean.  Impatient.  I struggle to survive my children rather than enjoying them.  Basically I feel like I'm PMS'ing for 9 months.  But that is not at excuse.  It's a reason to cling to Christ and his grace and mercy.  It's a way for Him to very visibly sanctify me every minute of everyday...but far too often I don't allow that to happen.  I just wallow in my sin.  So these words were both convicting and encouraging to me.  Focus on CHRIST.  That's all I need to be doing...the rest will follow.

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