Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Finally Fall!

I know it's been ACTUALLY been fall for a long time...but now my blog looks all pretty and "fallish" too!  :)  And thanks to Virginia I finally can stop being annoyed by my header been off centered!  Thanks V!!!

And..I know it's too late now, but did you vote?!?!

Because if you didn't maybe you should go sit in a corner and feel like this:

(leggings by Fancy Pants Designs, dresses by BabyFish Designs)
but I'm sure you were all good responsible citizens and voted right?!  :)  

So instead you can be proud of yourself and feel like this:  


Carol A said...

Love your new look! Love the comment and pic about sitting in the corner!

Virginia said...

YAY to the blog design!


SQUEEZE to the cuties!! :)