Saturday, November 27, 2010

O Christmas Tree

(first, let me say, I HATE indoor flash photography...bleck!  How horrible does the above photo look?  But at least I realized quickly!  ;)

So today we did the whole "put up the tree" tradition.  I LOVE decorating for Christmas...and this year Ezekiel was SOOO excited about everything.  I'm smiling just thinking about it as I sit here typing.  

Sadly I didn't have that same attitude all day.  About half of us are feeling under the weather around here and because of that I needed a lot of helping "finding a happy heart" today.  I'm so grateful that, as we're reminded in the catachism, "the Holy Spirit alone" is able to change our hearts.  

I'm so grateful for this time of year.  Grateful for the focus of the season (JESUS, not gifts!  lol ;) and the continual reminders of what an amazing God we serve.  One who's plan, from the foundation of the world, including sending his Son to earth as a baby.  

(when did my baby get so big?  And so darn pretty?!?!)

We've stressed so much that Santa isn't what Christmas is about, that he was just a kind man that lived a long time ago, and that we're really celebrating Jesus's birth...that I'm a little worried that one of the kids is going to get us into trouble by telling some other little kid that Santa isn't real.  We've talked about how some people like to pretend Santa is real and all that...but...any ideas?  

Grace was all about helping daddy pick out ornaments!

and this little dude...I think he hung everything on two branches!  lol.  So funny.

Alright, so, that was random but I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!


Carol A said...

Sorry you are under the weather. Missed you on Thanksgiving. The pictures aren't THAT bad...just a little wonky on the colors! Love the #1 pic of Kessa by herself and the one of Zeke by himself! And of coures Grace is a little cutie...and a great helper!!! By the way...I see Grace in the first picture!!!

Brenda said...

Gina, I love your blogs! And the pics of your precious babies!!! I just love it! Your tree is beautiful too. About the Santa thing...we actually had fun with all the pretending with Santa, but Jesus and his gift to us was always the most important emphasis. Santa was just for fun. Our pastor's son met us on the parking lot one sunday morning and chastised Brent and I for lieing to our kids about Santa!!! (he was 6) Ouch...I actually wanted to smack him...but there I was at church. I really don't have any earth shattering advice or opinion! We didn't "lie", we actually read the story of St Nicholas and talked about what a special man he was, but then again, only Jesus lives forever! (directing the conversation back to Christ!) I'm rambling, but seriously, we just had fun with it. I love how you are raising your children, you have so much wisdom! Wish we could see you more often!

Jessica said...

We did the same thing last night, and had such a good time. It was so fun seeing how excited the kids were..I'm planning on posting the pictures soon, and believe me yours will look like they were professionally shot after you see mine!! Oh well the memories are what really matter..

Virginia said...

Your family is so precious. I wish we lived near each other! As Emerson says, "At least we'll be able to live together at God's Place!" (That's what she calls heaven, hee!)

I'm in the same struggle. We say that Santa is a fun game that some people like to pretend, and his origins, etc. etc., but the problem with my kids is that they still believe in him. They argue with me that he IS real. I am trying to not make it a big deal, and just keep pointing things to Christ. Their ability to believe the unbelievable is what I'm praying God uses to continue to draw them to Him. Let me know what you end up deciding about what they say to other kids, I worry about that too!

Hope you feel better, friend!

meg duerksen said...

hi gina.
i just sent you the email with the address for water4christmas.
check your spam folder if you don't see it.
email me directly if you can't find it.