Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Water 4 Christmas

If you've been around blogland you know that all sorts of charities pop up during this time of year...and I've got another one for you!  lol.  Last year was the first time I think I had heard of Water4Christmas and for some reason God has really used this charity to touch my heart.  For one of our children's gifts last year we bought them shirts from the Water4Christmas etsy shop and explained to them how them getting those shirts instead of another toy helped a little girl and a little boy have clean water to drink that wouldn't make them sick.

This year the Water4Christmas etsy shop did things a big differently.  They didn't have a chance for a bunch of crafty ladies to get together and make stuff for a whole weekend so they reached out to the crafting world and ask for donations.   The call for help that I saw was very close to when they needed to donations by so a lot of the stuff isn't Africa related, it's just cute stuff people already had made.  BUT, everything was donated so 100% of what you spend (minus shipping) goes to providing clean water in Africa.

I bought these:

and this

and I'm thinking about buying these for myself:

So what about you?  What can you buy this year and help serve others at the same time?  

Well I think these are super cute!  If Grace were just a tiny bit smaller I'd be all over this set.  I just love it! And this would be sure to make some little girl happy.   There are probably 5 or 6 more pages of things for you to look through and new things are added almost daily, so, GO SHOP!!!!!!

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Jessica said...

hehe Anna would go nuts over that tutu(or as she calls them huhus;-) This is such an awesome cause, and it's so cool that you were able to contribute some stuff to sell this year!