Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

No, I don't have pictures.  No, I'm not a fashion hound.  I am, in fact, posting this ONLY so that I will have some sort of accountability.  Accountability to actually GET DRESSED.

I was telling some of my girlfriends at our Mom's Group last week I have a hard time being even remotely "fashionable" all the time...but you bring on winter and cold weather and I'm just done.  DONE.  I just want to hunker down in some fleece pants and a big ol' hoodie and not come out again 'till spring...and I suppose if I were a spinster or lived alone that would be fine...but I'm not.

See...I tricked this fabulous guy into marrying me...I was all skinny and cute and pre-four children, and I actually did sometimes wear something besides jeans and really...I guess you could call that false advertising.  Right?  He thinks he's getting THAT girl for his wife...and then one day he wakes up and realizes that he REALLY married old holey fleece and hoodie girl.  Not really fair to him is it?

SO...I'm posting this and tell you ALL (all 11 of you!  lol!!) that NEXT wedensday I'll be here with rings on my fingers and belts on hips and pictures to prove how much I love my man.  And that I want him to still find me attractive!  lol

But for now, if you need a little inspiration, go check out wiww at the Pleated Poppy and then...GET DRESSED!  lol (oh, wait, that was for me, not you! ;)

and just to give you a little's usually something like this...which reminds me.  The PONY TAIL.  The hubs likes my hair that's another goal...if he likes it long I'm quite sure he would like to SEE it long...and not in a pony all the time.

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Jessica said...

This is awesome, Gina! That's funny Erik likes my hair long too and I was just thinking today I should wear it down more often! And just think after baby comes and your recovered you'll have more energy at least to get dressed up!